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ROUTEMASTER - King of the Road

ROUTEMASTER – King of the Road tells the story of London’s favourite bus. This special DVD presentation covers the end of regular service and the launch of the popular heritage Routemaster routes 9 and 15.  Much of the footage in the opening chapter was recorded using the latest technology High Definition (HDCam) cameras in the last few months of RM action, a time when the Routemaster 'cull' was an extremely sensitive public relations issue as London 'woke up' to what was about to be lost. Even so the camera crews enjoyed unprecedented access from various operating companies and TFL (Transport for London). In contrast historic archive 35mm film from the 1960s and 1970s makes this an extremely varied collection of individual short programmes tracing the Routemaster from 1959 right up to the end of RM service in December 2005, and beyond; in a nutshell, a fascinating insight into the careers of these historic and much loved buses.


Last Day of the 159s - Archive, roadside action and a wealth of interviews with staff, historians and other Routemaster officianados tell the RM story, culminating in extensive coverage of the 9th December 2005 when Londoners waved Farewell the Routemasters on 'everyday' services and the launch of the new Heritage services (19 mins)

5 Years Earlier - A musical appreciation of the annual run for vintage buses under the Regent Street Christmas lights, RFs, RT, a Greenline RML and BEA one and a half decker contrast with the them everday RMs at locations throughout the heart of London (4 mins 20)

The Nine Road - A colour BTF film complete with its on theme tune! A classic of its era with full coverage of a day in the life of the No 9 Mortlake to Liverpool St service, with extensive behind the scenes footage at Mortlake garage (20 minutes) 

London Ride - A BTF film promoting the London Transport coach tours 'Round London Sightseeing Tour - colour (7 mins 20)

London in the 1950s - Classic B&W film - music only, no narration (3 mins 28)

Waterden Road Garage - The new era, Stagecoach RMs depart the garage for the new No 15 Heritage route, whilst others are washed and serviced, no narration (3 mins 58 sec)

Produced by Fast Forward Media


bar code  5 032711 016440

58 minutes

£ 14.95